Below are links to some material you may find interesting:

The Mustang

Click the link above for an hour-long video about the P-51 Mustang, the long-range American fighter plane used during World War II and other conflicts. Additional information on the Mustang can be found here: Click

The renowned English military historian John Keegan died August 2, 2012. Click here to read his obituary in The Telegraph.


Click the link above for a fascinating story about a P-40 Kittyhawk aircraft found 70 years after crashing in the Egyptian desert during World War II.

The German

An exciting and well-made short dramatic film focusing on a British fighter pilot and his German counterpart in World War II.

Flying Tigers

This links to a March 30, 1942 Life magazine article about the Flying Tigers in Burma.

Allied Bombers of WWII

Click below to view a slideshow of Allied bombers of WWII. Note: This is a Powerpoint file, so you will need that program installed on your computer to view.

Our thanks for this slideshow goes to Lt. Larry Cole of Asheville Squadron NC-019 of the North Carolina Wing of Civil Air Patrol. Semper Vigilans!

The Last Bomb

This 36-minute documentary from 1945 profiles a B-29 bomber squadron as it prepares for and carries out the bombing of Japan during World War II.

America's First Jet Flight

A seven-minute film about the first jet fighter developed in the U.S., the Bell P59A.

Battle of the Bulge photographs

A link to a Daily Mail (U.K.) article with striking photographs of soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge.